For ages (well, since I’ve started computer arranging with VST and then with sample libraries) I was looking for the best grand piano samples. During that journey, I built strong relationships with Alicia Keys Samples, Session Keys, The Grandeur (I think that library has the best quality and flexibility for the HD space it requires), The Piano in Blue. However, lately, I am inspired by 8Dio 1985 Passionate Piano. This library provides incredible sound quality, its staccato is light and agile, pedaling soft, keys release is sharp and followed by barely noticeable metallic sound. I can list 8Dio 1985 Passionate Piano dignities quite long but it’s better to hear it an action.

There is a short piece that I classified as a bagatelle though it is not so easy to perform as bagatelles are supposed to. Anyway, the sound here is light and brilliant.

Produced with Logic Pro X / Kontakt 6 / 1985 Passionate Piano / Altiverb 7 / IK Multimedia Classic Compressor and EQ. Mastered with

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